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10 Commitments I’m Making to Our Church (Part 1)

By on August 7, 2017

For the past several weeks I have been teaching through the 10 Commandments. Add to that task the challenge of adding new layers of structure to our church and it has been a sobering experience to say the least. One of the big takeaways for me has been God’s desire for His people to have right priorities. Much of this I gleaned from the life of Moses. What an amazing example of leadership. So it got me thinking about the priorities I should set as a pastor. What commitments can I make that honor God and all that He has entrusted me with? Here are 10 commitments I’m making to our church:

  1. I will spend time with God everyday.

The absolute most important thing I can do as a pastor is live in submission to God. By setting in the 1st seat, I combat the temptation to see myself as the source. Moses spent so much time with God that his face shone with the brightness of God’s glory! Wow. I want my life to be proof of God’s goodness so I’ve made a conscious decision to commit daily time to prayer and the reading of God’s word.

2. I will put my family 2nd.

There are two things in my life that define me before my role as a pastor: my status as a son of God and my position as priest of my home. According to 1 Timothy, it is my faithfulness as a husband and father that qualifies me to be a pastor. There came a time when Moses had to stand up for his wife in the face of adversity and God supported his stand. So I commit myself to saying no to church if it means saying yes to support my wife at speaking engagements, to travel with my kids to track meets or to do anything else necessary to keep our family in the image of God’s design.

3. I will be a man of prayer.

The past few months have taught me a newfound respect for Moses and his role as an intercessor. I didn’t realize how many times Moses seems to shift the will of God by pleading on behalf of the people. Thats the kind of man I aspire to be so I commit myself to constantly and consistently pray for you. More specifically, I continually pray that you would realize God’s best for your life as you walk in communion with HIm.

4. I will share the load.

Like Moses, I have been guilty of doing too much. I have wrongly associated long work with fruitful work but Jethro brings Moses a new perspective. Ministry is a marathon not a sprint so I am committed to developing other leaders and sharing with them the work of ministry.

5. I will continually become a better teacher.

As Lead Pastor I am the primary vision caster of our church. True vision comes from God and God speaks primarily through His word. Moses was so trusted by God that he was given the privilege of serving as a conduit between God and HIs people. I want to be a leader that God can trust with His word so I am committed to growing as a teacher.

As you think through your life, what are the commitments you believe God is calling you to make?