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40 Days of Focus Leadership Spiritual Growth

40 Days of Focus

By on September 5, 2016

The last 9 months of my life have been filled with many transitions and as we all know, seasons of transitions can be challenging. Walking through this particular season, I have embraced the opportunity to grow and learn more about myself as I prepare for what’s next. For these next 40 days I’m going to be focusing in and asking the tough questions. Questions we would sometimes rather avoid, but are very vital to our journey.

Join me as I prepare for what’s next.

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    chantelle robertson

    September 6, 2016

    For the past few months of my life I’ve noticed nothing but growth. It has not been easy, but it is very much worth it. I’m really excited to hear all of the things that you have to say. I hope everything has been well with you and the famil, we have all missed you!

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    Renata Casimier

    September 9, 2016

    I would love to participate in the 40 days of focus.

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      September 10, 2016

      Awesome! I look forward to connecting with you!