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Spiritual Growth

Don’t Wait

February 22, 2014


The tickle in your throat. Yeah, you’re right. It’s probably nothing. The tickle in your throat and the throbbing headache. Yeah, you are absolutely right. It’s no big deal. The tickle in your throat, the throbbing headache, and the stuffy nose. Yep, no problem. You…are…fine…

Sound familiar? You see, sickness is common to us all. But if there were some way around it, I would gladly take it. Unfortunately, during this time of the year it is seemingly unavoidable. During this time we all fall into one of three categories: sick, getting sick, or trying to stay well. Given that everyone has the same innate propensity for sickness, the key is not to completely avoid contact with other people. It is all in your response. You may not avoid it, but you can shorten it if you act soon enough.

3 Reasons To Act Quickly:

  1. Sickness Often Sends A Warning First


    One of the things that make warnings so detrimental is that they give us just enough time to prepare or make the necessary arrangements beforehand. This also makes them equally unpredictable because we never know how far apart the warning is from what is to come. You can’t time it. You simply have to obey and heed the warning. Sickness may start with the tickle in your throat, but that’s just the warning. Left untreated, the sickness will progress.


  2. Some Sickness Will Eventually Handle Itself, But Will Stay Much Longer Than Necessary


    I have battled sinus problems for years. Therefore, I know that after a certain point the infection will just have to “run its course.” I understand that there will be a progressive path that it will take. And after a certain point, I not only feel worse than I had to. But I now have to treat symptoms that would not have been an issue, if I had paid attention to the first warning.


    You see, I can’t blame the medicine for not working soon enough if I waited too long to take it. I can’t say that the medicine does not work if I’m not taking it as prescribed. The medicine will always be able to treat the sickness, but it will not take away the consequences of disobedience – remember delayed obedience is still disobedience.


  3. Sickness Effects Everyone Differently


    Because sickness is a part of our world there will be many people that will have differing opinions concerning your sickness. Because of the commonality of it, there will be some who will not even notice. To another sick person, you will be in good company and it is possible that they will want you to remain sick so that they will not be alone. There will be others who will tell you to try different things to help you cope with your sickness rather than confront it. But what this group forgets is that there are side effects with any medication and taking anything that is not prescribed by your doctor can have harmful and lasting implications.


    We were all created uniquely. Our tolerances are different. Our bodies are different. Everything about each of one of us is tailored to each specific person. Therefore, no matter how common, sickness effects us all differently. Finally, there will be a few on the pathway towards wellness; getting better with each step and they will be the ones to point you in the direction of the ONLY medicine that has ever been able to completely deal with sickness.

Sinlike sickness, does not always enter your life through the areas that you expected. Sometimes it creeps in the most subtle and cunning of ways and if you’re not paying attention you will become sick before you know it. Which is why Peter strongly encourages us to stay alert and watch out for our great enemy, the devil; he prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). Whether your sickness can be seen outwardly or it is within, the Word of God is strong enough, mighty enough, to defeat them both. Apply the Word to your life as often as needed. It works best if you take it ahead of time and frequently. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

1 Comment
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    Joyce Crenshaw

    February 22, 2014

    This is powerful and so true


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