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Innovation Leadership

Have You Been Exposed?

December 31, 2013

Exposure: presentation to view, especially in an open or public manner.


In late 2013 there was a 30 day period where I met four millionaires. I have detailed conversations with each of these guys. I asked invasive questions and really dug into how they reached the top of their industries. Once I left those conversations one thing was clear, I had been exposed. I had seen a way of thinking that was previously out of my reach. I mention this because I believe that we all get the opportunity of exposure. Somewhere along the way you too have been privy to some conversations or sermons or webinars that have shown you a different way of seeing things.

What will you do with your exposure? God exposed Himself to Moses through the burning bush but the exposure was not the moment of breakthrough. The life-altering moment was when Moses was intrigued enough to take a closer look. Moses’ interest in what God had shown him was the spark that started the true fire that would burn in his life. What has God shown you? If you want it to effect your life it must grab your attention first.


February 22, 2014



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