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40 Days of Focus Leadership

How to Make The Most of the Next 40 Days

By on September 11, 2016

Throughout the Bible 40 day periods were used to signify times of drastic transformation. In the days of Noah God reshaped the population with 40 days of rain. The 12 Israelite spies were granted 40 days in the promised land to scout the new territory. On three occasions Moses spent 40 days on Mount Sinai receiving vision from God. Goliath the giant Philistine came out and taunted the people of God for 40 days. And Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness before He was released to change the world. My hope is that these next 40 days will be transformational for you just as they were for the heroes listed above. As we get ready to kick off our 40 Days of Focus (You can learn more about it here), I wanted to take a moment to give you a few simple tips to help you maximize this time.

1.Set a Singular Clear Goal

Our unified goal for the next 40 days is to hear the voice of God concerning the next season of our lives. To achieve this you must be open to hear God’s plan for your life even if it is different from your own.

2. Set Aside at Least 30 Minutes for Reflection

Transformation requires introspection. You will need some time to process what you learn about yourself. During this time of reflection be honest about both where you are and where you need to be.

3. Get Accountability

We benefit greatly from having other people who know about the changes we are trying to make. Grab a friend or mentor and let them know about your journey.

4. Commit to the Entire 40 Days

This journey is likely to include good days and not so good days. Your ability to remain focused will make all the difference.

5. Pray, Pray, Pray

All of our best efforts are not enough. So we must work as if it depends on us but pray as if it depends on God.


My prayer for you is that these 40 days will serve as a turning point in your life. I hope to see God band us together as we prepare for the amazing things that God will do in our future.