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Readership- The Me I Want to Be

June 17, 2016

There are some books you read that change how you see things and then there are some books that change you. This week’s Readership feature is the latter. The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg is aimed at helping you discover your unique identity with God. Ortberg covers a wide range of topics from devotional life to personality type. Each topic focused on shedding more light on discovering your own truth within the context of your relationship with Christ.


I first found this book as a required textbook for a Graduate level Spiritual Formation class. Since then, this book has become a staple of my library and I am determined to make it a vital part of any leadership curriculum I teach. If you have been searching for answers to what makes you tick and what makes you unique get this book. 

Are the Readership segments helping you in any way? What topics would you like me to write about next? I want to hear from you.




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