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May 17, 2016
Leaders are readers. Its cliche but hey, I believe it. I have noticed that I am at my best when I am reading and sharpening my skills by learning from those at the top of their game. So I want to create a segment where I share what I’m reading on any given week or month. My hope is that you will glean and even share your reading list as suggestions for other readers.
This week I’m reading God Dreams by Will Mancini. This book has been amazing so far. Its all about discovering God’s unique vision for your church. Will unpacks this by offering 12 vision templates that serve as a starting point for you and your team. The templates are very practical and easily understood. This book is really helping me to focus in on what exactly God is calling me to do as a leader. My tendency is to want to do everything but Mancini challenges the reader to purposely focus on whats most important.
What are you reading?



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