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Leadership RE:Church Spiritual Growth

RE:Thinking How You Measure Success

By on May 4, 2019

How do you measure success? This is not a new question, but in this modern age we often wrestle to recognize the signs that let us know we’re on the right track. Even before His public ministry began, Jesus shows us a few traps to avoid and how to avoid them.

Trap #1: Performance- Success is found in what I do. In Jesus’ first temptation he is tempted to prove Himself by performing a miracle. In this trap, we are tempted to see our value through what we can do. The antidote here is to begin first with your PRINCIPLES. Jesus stands on what He believes not what He does. Truly, success is a byproduct of faithfulness to what we believe.

Trap #2: Possessions- Success is found in how much I have. In Jesus’ second temptation, Satan offers Him possession of the kingdoms of the world. In this trap, we are tempted to see our possessions as proof of success. The antidote here is to instead find value in our POSTURE. When I am submitted to the God of the universe, serving Him in the place, time and capacity of His choosing are most important.

Trap #3: Popularity- Success is found in who I have. In Jesus’ final temptation, He is challenged to make a bad decision for the sake of seeing how important He is. This trap tempts us to see success in people’s opinion of us rather than God’s. To avoid this trap, we must make PEACE with God’s affirmation of who we are. Jesus finds wholeness in what the Father has said about Him and rests in the peace that comes from that affirmation.

Where in your life have you chosen the wrong measures of success?