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Spiritual Growth

The 10 Commandments of Your Next Level

August 24, 2014

We stand on the cusp of a new semester. In a college town like ours, students and non students alike view this time of year as a new start. A fresh opportunity to begin again. Many come in with predetermined notions of how things will be different this time. But the question I want to pose to you is: What Will You Do With Another Year?

Another year speaks of new beginnings and the possibility to experience the next level of your life. For each of us, that could mean completely different things. For some that could mean increasing your faith, expanding your ministry, repairing a broken relationship, or even establishing a more steady income. But no matter what that means for you, there is no possibility of next level without commitment, sacrifice, and discipline. What this year becomes for you will hinge upon what you do with the word of God. It’s not enough to simply reach the next level. I want to see you thrive there by applying these commandments referenced from Mark 4:1-20.

The 10 Commandments Of The Next Level:

1. Thou Shalt Have Boundaries
The footpath is public domain that is
available to anyone. Boundaries go
both ways: they provide limits but
also protection.

2. Thou Shalt Not Be Controlled By People
The footpath is walked on so much
that it becomes hard. It loses its
ability to receive because it has been
compacted and compounded with
stuff. Don’t let people make you
close up.

3. Thou Shalt Build Healthy Roots
When you embark on a faith journey,
thinking only of the good days and
not the bad, you set yourself up for
disappointment. A healthy plant must
produce from a place that others
cannot see.

4. Thou Shalt Not Chase The Quick Fix
True solutions must deal with real
issues not temporary fixes. When you
are hurt, instead of just doing
something to make you feel good,
give yourself space to heal.

5. Thou Shalt Avoid Unhealthy Situations
Don’t tell me you want to be a rose
when you plant yourself among
weeds. You must learn to sow where
you want to grow. You must be
willing to avoid situations that LOOK
LIKE they could threaten your

6. Thou Shalt Not Attempt To Grow With The Wrong Crowd
Weeds are always mistakes. No one
with a sense of value plants them.
They are valueless and they grow to
the detriment of life-giving plants.
Any great farmer knows that you
must kill the weeds before you plant
the crop. If not, the weeds will take
the nutrients meant for the plant and
will use said nutrients to choke the

7. Thou Shalt Be Honest With Yourself
What’s choking you? Be honest. This
is where many of us are guilty of
blasphemy. We blame love for how
lust treats us.

8. Thou Shalt Not Waste Opportunity
The seed is good. It is simply waiting
to be activated by the soil. We all
have the same Bible, the same God,
the same cross, the same chance to
be great.

9. Thou Shalt Do More With Less
Producing singles is not good
enough. This is your year to fold.
When you fold it increases
exponentially. Stop expecting linear
growth when God wants to give you

10. Thou Shalt Not Go Back Now That You Know
Going back is no longer an option.
Now that you know better, it is
simply time to do better.

Your next level is awaiting you and it is my prayer for you that you would see this year through eyes of expectation. That you would remain fixed and focused on the purpose that God has for you. That you would not make plans and not follow through, but chase after God’s very best for you. Dream bigger. Dream bolder. Dream that God’s best is possible for you. This will be the year of HIGHER!



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