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Leadership Spiritual Growth

When Being Connected Is Not Enough

June 8, 2014

Have you ever plugged a charger in your phone only to come back some time later to discover that only 5% has been added to your battery? How did you feel when the charger didn’t do what was expected? Disappointed. Frustrated. Confused. All of the above. Regardless of your response, one thing that we all have in common is that we all have an expectation. Whether you use your phone often or sparingly, there will come a point where your device will need recharging. And when you connect your device to the charger, it is natural for you to expect power to be transmitted from the charger to the phone. That’s the way the device and the charger were created to function. But not all chargers are not created equal. Chargers change as phones change.

Let’s think about it for a moment. When android (or apple, for those of you who are patiently awaiting your change to come) releases a new phone with enhanced capabilities, more often than not, a new charger is released as well. The reason that a new charger is released with the new device is because as the capacity and capabilities of the phone increase, the charger must also increase in order to handle the load or strain that will be placed on the battery. More powerful phones require more powerful chargers. Lesser chargers may get you by, but they don’t maximize your potential.

Over the past few years there has been a huge increase in the number of people who carry chargers at all times. Why? Substitute chargers are not dependable and you could be left empty when you need it the most. So it is also in leadership. As you feel God increasing you and placing more inside of you, equipping you with greater and more enhanced features, you must also recognize when it’s time for a new connection. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with your old charger, it simply means that it no longer has the ability to transmit the power required to sustain all that you are capable of doing. It costs to be used greatly so you will have to pay a price to establish a connection that will give you the charge that you need. And it’s going to mean that you can no longer connect with any and everything. But it will all be worth it.

We can no longer settle for connections that look right. We must create connections that maximize our potential. Receive this as your “system upgrade.” It’s time that you began operating at your fullest potential.



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